“In 2016, the world’s largest women-only expedition traveled to Antarctica and visited two operating research stations (Carlini, Argentina and Palmer Station, USA) as well as the abandoned Argentine/Spanish research base built on a Norwegian whaling station on Deception Island and the Port Lockroy (UK) post office. Seventy-six women, mostly research scientists, embarked on this journey, not to collect primary data from the continent (illegal under international law), but to essentially collect data about themselves. The intent of the journey was to culminate a year-long leadership development program  in a three week expedition to build a global network of women leaders. Antarctica provided the ideal backdrop to reflect on our changing planet – a month prior, the Larson C ice shelf cracked on the opposite side of the peninsula where we journeyed. In July of 2017, the Delaware-sized ice chunk departed into the sea. The “Antarctic” portion of this book tells the story of these 76 women scientists.”

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